Want to become a Brow & Lash Boss?  Then this e-book is for you! How to Build a Brow & Lash Business shares the ins and outs of navigating the beauty business and establishing a business of your own.  This guide breaks down the building blocks to getting your business off the ground, simplifying the process and sharing helpful resources that can guide you along your way to successful business ownership.   How to Build a Brow & Lash Business is a straight-forward, easy-to-read informational tool that provides a step-by-step roadmap to construct a brow and lash business.  It includes a checklist and ways to remain accountable throughout the process of reaching each goal.   Born into a family of entrepreneurs, author Ashley Buggs is the founder and owner of Prettybuggs Brow Studio where she serves a diverse clientele and conducts trainings for aspiring brow and lash professionals.  As an established licensed cosmetologist, esthetician and trainer with 15 years of experience, Buggs has earned a wealth of information and wide-ranging skillset. Her encounters with students, friends, family and others who expressed their interest in the beauty business inspired her to share this guide.  "I want to inspire people to pursue their dreams",  Ashley.  Purchase this downloadable copy today and take your first steps into Brow & Lash business success!

How to Build a Brow & Lash Business E-book

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